Nightlife Commando :

Both 2 Tone Ska and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal emerged in England in the late 70s – early 80s.

Bands like:
NWOBHM – Iron Maiden, Raven, Praying Mantis, Saxon, Angel Witch, etc
2 Tone Ska – The English Beat, The Specials, Madness, etc

I know they are practically opposite genres, but which wave do you like more?

BQ: Favorite NWOBHM band?
BQ2: Favorite 2 Tone Ska band?

My answers:

I love both the NWOBHM and 2 Tone Ska, but I like the NWOBHM more. It was just pure Heavy Metal, and there were some of the best metal bands ever from that time period.

My favorite NWOBHM band is Iron Maiden
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My favorite 2 Tone Ska band is a tie between the Specials and Madness
I’m not sure where you live, but here in the USA no one seems to appreciate 2 Tone Ska. Ska has never been too popular as a genre here. On Vh1 I think they said that to call Madness a one-hit wonder band anywhere but the USA would be crazy.

khrizthian :

Hello friends, well I’m learning English by myself, that is thanks to my genius, listening to music, watching films and I think I’m learning a lot, and I know how it differs from the British English American, a cousin told me that is different in pronunciation and other irregular verbs, I want to learn the truth the American, and I would greatly appreciate if you tell me if the difference is great.

I give stars to the best answer.
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RF :


I’m wanting to move away from Leeds. Which cities are liberal and open-minded (I know that’s difficult in Britain)? I also need somewhere with lots of nice vintage and second-hand shops and a good music scene. Just somewhere that has something going on in it. Any recommendations?

Thank you.
I’m looking for places that are not London by the way. And to the person who found my ‘assertion slightly offensive’, I’ve grown up in a town where people really look down on you if you wear something that’s a little bit outlandish. Maybe I just have that mindset that there are few open-minded places in Britain because of my experiences here. Man, there’s always that one person who just comments on a question to be a dick. Just leave it if you’re not contributing anything worthwhile.

Lizzay :

I currently use LimeWire and am getting frustrated because I can’t find bands on it such as: Red Car Wire, The Fashion, Black Kids, British Sea Power… Does anyone know of a better program that would have more of the music that I am looking for? If so please go ahead and let me me know! :)
(And for all of those who will tell me to just by the CD’s a lot of them you can’t buy like (Sigur Ros from Iceland) or I don’t have the money for…and yes I have a job and can’t spend all my money on CD’s or I would)
illegal is fine by me… So don’t worry about that.

Susan :

what happened to the british music invasion? It seemed to be at its peak in the 60’s.


How would you describe British Invasion music (the beat, the lyrics, is the music slow or fast etc) and the artist’s appearance?

*Carlos* to the Extreme :

Which of these 80’s Dance/New Wave British singers have given the best vocal performances “on record”?
Jim Kerr (Simple Minds)
Philip Oakey (Human League)
Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet)
Martin Fry (ABC)
Andy Bell (Erasure)
Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys)
Andy McCluskey (OMD)
Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode)
Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran)
Bernard Sumner (New Order)
Limahl (Kajagoogoo)
Boy George (Culture Club)

Choose as many as you like. Fill-ins are welcome, thanks.

Star: If you grew up with this music, or have danced to it in public.

Cade :

I’m watching their shows, and they have some of the best atmospheric and relaxing music during their docs. Anyone know if they release soundtracks or anything?

Unknown :

2 years ago I asked my friend the title of this well-known music and he said : “This is “Carmina Burana” by “Vangelis”. He said: “In music video you see British warships are coming to the coast.” But yesterday I found out “Carmina burana” is another music and it is not the music I asked my friend. I think the music video is not wrong. This music looks like “Carmina Burana” but it is slower than “Carmina Burana”. A choir are singing beside the music. I don’t know what language is it. They are singing like this:
“daa da ri dee di ro rera, daa da ri dee di ro reraaa … ”
Sometimes I hear this music at TV advertisements background. I know this is a well-known music. In spite of this I don’t what is the title of this music or who is the producer of this music.. I think this is the best classical music. I promise that I will give 10 points to anybody who help me find this song.

Have a nice day.
Sorry for bothering you but I told its name is not “Carmina Burana”. My friend made a big mistake. He told me it is “Carmina Burana”, But I’m sure he was wrong. I should try and find it myself. If I found it, I will IM you.

Thank you for your answers.
No it is not “Dies Irae” by Mozart.

jabberwockyjoo :

I’m planning to go to britain next year and really want to catch some of the festivals i’ve been long pining for from afar. Which are the best ones?

What washing facilities are there at British music festivals such as Reading and Glastenbury?

Person : Because you are in a tent, are there facilities for you to have a shower, do you have to share a cubicle or do you get your own?

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What was the best year(s) for popular music?

Adam : I just want years people, so don’t go off saying “the 70’s” or “the British Invasion” or anything regarding an entire era. Me? I’d say 1980, 1991, and 1967. 1980 had so many #1 hits for rock music, including ‘Another One Bites the Dust’, ‘Another Brick in the Wall’, and ‘It’s Still Rock [...]

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If I only watch British tv shows and only listen to british music will I pick up a British accent?

BillG : If I only watch British tv shows and only listen to british music will I pick up a British accent?

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